iBloodTracker 2.5

Monitor your blood pressure and more


  • Simple to use
  • Prints out results
  • Filters results


  • Limited functionality
  • No support for USB compatible monitoring devices

Not bad

If you've been diagnosed with a heart condition or need to keep an eye on your blood pressure you might think your Mac can't help you.

If so, you'd be wrong because iBloodTracker allows you to track your arterial blood pressure, heart rate, weight, glucose level and much more. Although fairly limited in what it can do, iBloodTracker can help you isolate certain aspects of your vital blood stats which you can use for your own records and even print out to show your doctor.

You can filter results over a certain time period so that you can see trends in different aspects of your blood pressure, heart rate, sugar levels etc. However, one major downside of iBloodTracker is that all data has to be entered manually so for example, you can't use external USB monitoring devices to import data. This, added to the fact that its functionality is very limited, means that its a bit one dimensional.

However, iBloodTracker could provide a handy complement to any health monitoring or blood monitoring regime program.

Multiple selection added \"Replace with average\" feature added


  • Multiple selection added \"Replace with average\" feature added

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iBloodTracker 2.5

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